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Microvascular Tissue Allograft

MVASC: Microvascular Tissue Allograft:

•mVASC® is restricted to homologous use for the repair, reconstruction, replacement, or supplementation of microvascular tissues.

•mVASC® tissue is derived from human microvascular tissue that has been aseptically processed, lyophilized to remove moisture while preserving biologic components and then terminally sterilized (SAL of 10-6). mVASC® contains microvascular tissue fragments (capillaries and venules), extracellular matrix components and non-viable cells, which are naturally present in the microvasculature. Each mVASC® vial, contains at least 500,000 microvascular tissue fragments, to be used topically or reconstituted in water for injection.

MVASC: Microvascular Tissue Allograft:
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