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Adipose Concentrating Systems

The adipose tissue of a human is widely known to be a rich source of adult stem cells. These stem cells are prolific for having the ability to differentiate into various cell lineages. 

The extraction process, generally, begins with elective liposuction to extract the adipose tissue. Adipose derived cells have been used with PRP and/or BMAC in the treatment of many musculoskeletal and vascular disorders. Adipose derived stem/stromal cells are similar but not identical to bone marrow cells.  

Progenikine: Adipose Concentration

Progenikine emcyte

•Prepares an adipose treatment sample that’s purified, emulsified and condensed. 

•Removes inflammatory oil and infranatant contaminants, leaving a clinically pure treatment sample. 

•Centrifuge process under 5 minutes

•Adipose sample will contain powerful and viable progenitor cells with capacity for self-renewal and multipotent differentiation. 

•Comes with three phase micro-fragmentation accessory that emulsifies adipose molecules into macrofat, microfat, and nanofat. Its instrumentation has emulsification sizes of 2.4mm, 1.4mm and 1.2mm built into a single accessory device that’s easy to handle and simple to operate.

MAPS: Micro Adipose Processing System

MAPS Micro Adipose Processing System

•The MAPS Kit™ is a single use, sterile, component-based system intended for the harvesting, cleaning, and resizing of adipose tissue. It contains an infiltration and aspiration cannula, filters, and an adipose resizer allowing for the transfer of both micro and milli fat back into the same patient during the same surgical procedure.

•Streamline point of care processing

•Single Use and Cost-Effective

•No centrifugation, only filtration 

•No enzymes or capital equipment 

•Micro fragmented fat has higher regenerative potential than SVF, nanofat and other emulsified processes

•Mechanical resizing and filtering is compliant with FDA 21 CFR 1271 guidance for appropriate medical procedures

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